Poetry Audio

For those of you who require or wish to hear the audio versions of these poems, you’ve come to the right place.

Eat a Salad, Bitch


Lock Pickers Union

Oprah Eats Bread- A Prayer

Snack Time


Stretch Marks

Author: fatwomenare

MA Candidate in the Joint Program of Communications and Culture at York University in Toronto.

2 thoughts on “Poetry Audio”

  1. I am by no means a “big woman” and i too have been a victim of body shaming… people are unaware sometimes of how hurtful a comment can be, for me it was constant jokes about my breast size… What some view as harmless teasing, cuts others to the bone. I have also witnessed someone close to starve themselves to near death to get that perfect body… all the while family members gear and make snide ccomments about their weight.
    After seeing first hand what body shaming can do to someone, i vow to make sure my children are ccomfortable with who they are.


  2. I really love your work! Considering im pretty big myself, your poems hit home with me. Especially, your “space” piece. It really resonated with me. I always feel as if i take up too much space and it’s an inconvenience. But, your poem made me open my eyes like-“Hey. I am human after all”.
    I love your work and keep it up!! 🙂


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