4 thoughts on “Lock Pickers Union”

  1. This is so powerful. Many people, especially women, feel the pressure to hide… but what is gained in hiding? We should all feel empowered to walk “with confident steps, unafraid of what floorboards might say”.

    So many women feel pressured to be silent because their views are not respected by others. Whether we are fat, pimpled, skinny, tall, short, young, old, white, First Nations, Black, Latina, Asian, gay, straight, trans, cis… we should walk with pride, in the knowledge that our value as a human being is not determined by these traits.

    I long for the day that I am able to walk with confident steps, unafraid of what the middle aged, white men of academia say. I am not there yet, but reading things like this give me a push in the right direction.


  2. This gave me chills. The notion of turning a blind eye to custom made ideals, societal built, ready made bodies just pisses off the bigots…the second you look at yourself in the mirror and embrace the beauty of oneself, no matter what stage of your life, that is one of most powerful moments one will ever face.


  3. This made me feel free. And hopeful. I know I’ve reached that space and I want to reach it again. It feels like a space I visit but don’t reside.


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