#poetryprompts Days 9 & 10 “I Love” and “Doctor! Doctor!” The End of the Challenge

Poetry Prompts Days 9 & 10



We have reached the final day of the challenge,

and I have to say I’m happy with how things turned out. While I didn’t manage to post every day, I did create 10 new poems, without worrying if

they are perfect or even good. It was fun to just create, something, no strings attached. I hope you have had fun reading along and possibly creating your own poetry from the prompts. I’ll probably do this again some time. I’ll see if I can find a new prompting method to experiment with on the next round of the challenge.


Day 9

Topic: My Romantic Life

Inspiration Words: Your, Gentle, Gorgeous


I Love
                                                                                  I Love                                                                                    Your gorgeous,
gentle hands
on my body.

Day 10

Topic: A Desire For

Inspiration Words: Desperate, Ouch, Doctor


Doctor! Doctor!
                                                                           Doctor! Doctor!                                                                           you are so eagerly
wrapped up in your desire for
me to feel
you ignore it
when I scream
at your touch







#poetryprompts Days 7&8 “Minnows” and “as a group, we are the worst”

Poetry Prompts 7&8Well, I have returned from a sick day yesterday, eager to share my new poems! I hope you will enjoy.

Day 7


Topic: My Childhood

Inspiration Words: Quickly, Swimming, Shines.

Minnows. The lake is clear and cold with warm pockets near the surface and it’s dark blue from up the hill but here in the water it is just the colour of sand below me beige and rippled and soft past the smooth stones which are just at the shore in the shallow water I put my bum on the sandbar leaning on my elbows with my toes floating which look paler than my pale skin outside the water where the minnows live and they come to quickly nibble my toes tickling as the sun bounces off the bottom of the lake and makes the little fish shine and I count twenty before swimming is done and we go back inside to get out of the hot burning afternoon sun. Image by: Ramon Fernandez F. 

Day 8


Topic: Our World

Inspiration Words: Whispers, Embraced, Muck

There is so much that we cannot see. So many living things we cannot hear when they whisper from the muck beneath our boots How is it that humans became the dominant species when we are simultaneously the most se
                                                                  as a group, we are the worst                                                                     there is so much that we cannot see.
so many living things we cannot hear when they whisper
from the muck beneath our boots
how is it that humans became
the dominant species
when we are simultaneously the most selfish and lazy creatures?
How can we embrace
when we have created such a cushy throne upon which to kill
and everything else?



#poetryprompts Day 6 “Why Seeing Snow Doesn’t Mean that Climate Change and Global Warming Don’t Exist. (You Idiots)”

Poetry PromptsHello! I got an interesting bunch of words today. I’m particularly pleased how this poem turned out. It’s fun to do a bit of ranting now and then, especially when you’re feeling mostly helpless about a situation.



What’s your tirade about?IMG_4776

Topic: A Tirade About

Inspiration Words: Wet, Ugly, Precise

when the earth is ugly will you remember the precise location of the wet waves to rush onto land_
when the earth is dying and ugly
will you remember the precise
location you stood when wave after wet wave of
ocean water rushed onto your land?







#poetryprompts Day 5 “A Reflection on Falling Asleep”



come to the halfway point. How are your poems coming along?


Today’s creative inspiration is:

Topic: A Reflection On

Inspiration Words: Sleeping, Glorious, Limbs

Hope you find something in here that inspires you!

A Reflection on Falling Asleep
my husband tells me I twitch / my body not mine / lead limbs / as I climb a tree / sleeping limbs stretching / toward dark-leafed branches / one half of my brain watching myself / as I climb myself / gloriously upward toward a canopy of stars / paralyzed while cozy- / ily wrapped up snug / though my mind / keeps moving / ever forward / a comet with an icy hot sparkling tail


#poetryprompts Day 4 “Writer Life”

Day 4Today’s prompt was sort of too accurate for my liking. As I’ve been spending time focusing on trying to get my career as a writer off the ground, I have found that every Monday I struggle because it’s the start of a new work week and I have no idea if the work I produce is of value, is wanted, is going to succeed. A piece of good news here and there has been what’s kept me going for the past seven years. I was still in school for most of that and it seemed like a bonus to have something published. The past two years I have been really trying to consciously make becoming a writer my career. Sometimes I am full of hope, more often I wonder what the hell I’m doing? Should I just give up and try doing something else? What would that something else be? I think this poem reflects these feelings.

How do you feel about your career? day 4 words

Topic: My Work Life

Inspiration Words: Consume, Wild, Fathom.

Can you fathom a self loathing so serious you'd want to become a writer_ To consume yourself with wild notions of possible successes_ Fame_ Fortune_ Literary importance_ To change someone's life with your words_
Can you fathom / a self loathing so serious / you’d want to become a writer? / To consume yourself / with wild notions / of possible successes? / Fame?/ Fortune? /
Literary importance? / To change someone’s life with your words? / Such hubris can only belong to one / on the roller coaster of pain / twisting with an ego that keeps repeating, / “You can do it!”


#poetryprompts Day 3 “The Family Tree”

Bring your mats!

I didn’t think I was going to get this one done today! I’ve been sick in bed all day and figured I would just do double poems tomorrow. But, I rallied and here I am with today’s post.


One thing I couldn’t resist was the fact that one of the words I pulled was “Sweet” and my topic was “My Family”! How perfect is that?

Hope you enjoy and are inspired.

Day 3

Topic: My family

Inspiration Words: Sweet, Clever, Pluck.


My family tree a sight to see hewn short on one side with some grafting repair it is rare this clever tree
My family tree / a lopsided tree / hewn short on just one side / with some grafting repair / the tree did dare / to climb so very high. / If you be clever / you’ll pluck the fruit / the sweetest fruit / you might ever taste / take a glance / and just by chance / you could recognize your face.

#poetryprompt Day 2 “Pillow Face”

The Stationer


Not gunna lie! These words created something a bit creepy folks. It could also be partly the terrible wind storm they keep calling for on the news. It was a beautiful sunny day here today, so, I hope they are wrong!


Let me know what you come up with.


Topic: A Dream About

Inspiration Words: After, Mouthing, Slimyday 2


Pillow Face (1)
How can you sleep? / the wind is fearsome / scratching at the windows with wet / fingernails leaving / trails like after snails on the glass / thunder mouthing its dark warnings to the hills/ slimy-green in lightning flashes / Wake up / your pillow face and look death / in the eye / whose demon clouds are rolling / closer to your bed.